Coming Soon in Print and now available digitally!

I have not been posting in the past few months because I’ve been busy writing books and organizing events. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. My latest book is a collection of short stories that were chosen for inclusion in the Next Chapter Literary Magazine for the past three years. But I also have been writing other stories and taking care of my sick husband, who is now as close to thriving as a 83-year-old can be after suffering from sepsis pneumonia last November.

The title of the book is Little Bits: A Collection of Short Stories, and it is now available through Smashwords and other ebook publishers.

So now that I’ve accomplished that, I’ll be back to writing about the books I’ve read and reviewed because, yes, I’m still doing that. Some of the books I’ve read most recently are by the authors who participate in the Authors’ Sunday events I’ve been organizing at the New Bern Farmers’ Market. So look for an eclectic group of reviews.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Sarah

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon in Print and now available digitally!

  1. Hi Sarah, I saw your new book news in my email today. Congratulations!
    I hope your husband is feeling better. Lots of sickness going around. Hopefully these warmer months will clear that out.
    Have a wonderful summer,

  2. Thanks, Rosie. My handsome devil doesn’t have a spleen, so he’s quite susceptible to weird diseases. He’s doing quite well now and playing a lot of golf, I’m pleased to say. What book are you working on now?

  3. So happy to hear he is better, Sarah. If he is out playing golf, that’s a great sign. 🙂
    Thank you for asking about my book. I recently released another children’s book. It’s a cute story about a little guy who loves fishing with his Papa.
    My next children’s book is halfway finished and hope to reveal more about it soon.
    Have a safe and awesome summer,

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