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I don’t know about you, but I am beyond tired of all the robo/telemarketer/scam calls we get every day. Why do the business people and scam artists have more rights to invade our privacy than we have to stop them?

The program that was started several years ago by the government where you could sign up onto a “Do Not Call” list doesn’t work for beans. I had one young woman say when I complained about her call, “Oh, that only works for 3 years.”

Well, what good does that do you or me?

Why do businesses have more rights to abuse our privacy than we do to protect it?

And how do we stop this from happening?

I’m telling all candidates who are running to fill recently deceased Congressman Walter B. Jones office that I will vote for the one of them who promises to do something about this while in office.

I’ve also got a petition I’m going to send to Congress asking them to stop people from invading our privacy.

In you’re interested in helping me reach my goal, feel free to sign up here.