ReBlogged Post of My Interview by Joan Y. Edwards

Since my third novel, Earthquakes just came out, my good friend and blogger extraordinaire, Joan Y. Edward, interviewed me. Here is the link to her post.

Please leave a comment either on her blog or mine. For today, I’m giving away an e-book copy of the book. Something to do while you’re stuck in your house “self-isolating.” As an aside, I must say it’s nice to have house chores like laundry more easily handled when your bored spouse wants to do something more active than vegetating. Thanks, Sarah

One thought on “ReBlogged Post of My Interview by Joan Y. Edwards

  1. Dear Sarah,
    Thanks fro doing the interview on my blog. Many people have commented about how much they learned from you experiences and advice. Thanks for posting a link on your blog. I hope many of your readers will come over and read your interview. They will love it.

    Good luck with all your writing.
    Never Give Up

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