Best of 2015 Illustrator Saturday – June to December

Being a picture book writer myself. I’m always looking for good artists and intriguing stories. Here are illustrations by some very talented artists. Thanks to Kathleen Teaman for sharing these.

Writing and Illustrating

2ae8b6_60639b498ca641de213a9f6a0d5f7431_jpg_srb_p_600_424_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Romi Caron:

janetuntitledJanet Kuamierski

violetMike Ciccotello:

f12013_0115663752184488af1801c35de47033_png_srb_p_600_659_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Lori Keehner:

process7Patricia Keeler:

Golden-Mosque_artDiana Delosh:

davidbucs_lunchtimeDavid Bucs:

walking to schoolEllen Beier:

Abuelita full of life 1Martha Aviles:

Princess-andThe-Pea-Finalwebv2Colleen Muske:

87947Carolyn Le:

74167Jacqueline East:

ElizabethRawlsThe DiveElizabeth Rawls:

gray kingdomYorgos Sgouros:

iguanaPhyllis Saroff:

Untitled-1John Shelley:

3ca5d7_a9bc2b49c3a9441da4db67f0b2092652_jpg_srb_p_600_694_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Elizabeth Sayles:

asianLin Wang:

7f491a_393fb2bdf65147cd9a0b27bdbf0e4552_jpg_srb_p_750_750_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Luanne Marten:

c93771_c3d52c2c58b4710250834db23e6cae6d_jpg_srb_p_697_697_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Fabrice Boulanger:

43378France Brassard:

fcaebook500Liz Amini Holmes:

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