Book Cover for Terror’s Identity

Once I figure out how to upload the cover photo, I’ll post it.  In the meantime, here’s a teaser about the book.

Sixteen-year old Aidan Knox’s life turns upside down when he, his sister and his mother enter a witness protection program and begin a dangerous new life because of his father’s work investigating a terrorist organization operating in the U.S. How will he remember the details of his new life with a new name and a made-up past? And will he be able to settle in to a new school and all that entails? Whom can he trust and can he keep his mother and sister safe?

Terror’s Identity will keep you urging Aidan to succeed and empathize with his having to make new friends in a new school and new town.

First Review

“Once I picked this up I couldn’t put it down. Terror’s Identity is a thought provoking, well-timed, and emotionally gripping coming of age story that leads to discoveries about oneself, friendship, love, and family. Swan
has chosen a massive and urgent topic in her debut novel, dynamic and insightful.” — Ann Eisenstein, author of Hiding Carly and Fallen Prey, from the Sean Gray Junior Special Agent Mystery Series

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